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Daniel Hinkle is an expert in  technical topic, creating content and improving the home  on construction. With industry experience working with plumbers, garage door manufacturers, property management companies and new home construction groups, Hinkle is well known in his niche

About constructiontraininginc.com

Construction Training Inc. (CTI) is a non-profit public interest organization that works to help provide Madison area residents the opportunity to prepare for employment opportunities in family-sustaining jobs.  The Skilled Trade Apprenticeship Readiness Training Program (START Program) runs five sessions over the course of the year at four different sites in Madison.  Moving the location of the training provided participants easier access to the program and allows the program to come to economically challenged neighborhoods to provide residents the opportunity to obtain family-sustaining jobs.

  • Are you tired of working in one dead end job after another?
  • Are you ready for a CAREER that pays you what you’re worth?
  • Do you want to know how to get into one of the following skilled trades but don’t know how to apply?
  1. Bricklayers
  2. Carpenters
  3. Test and Application Information
  4. Cement Masons
  5. Electrical Workers
  6. Elevator Constructors
  7. Glazier
  8. Insulators
  9. Iron Workers
  10. Iron Workers Application
  11. Laborers
  12. Operating Engineer
  13. Painters
  14. Plasterers
  15. Plumbers
  16. Roofers
  17. Sheet Metal
  18. Sprinkler Fitters
  19. Steamfitters
  20. Tilesetters

If you answered yes to the questions above The Skilled Trades Apprenticeship Readiness Training (START) Program can help!

We begin with information on each individual trade; the work involved, application procedures and requirements, qualifying tests, selection procedures and working conditions.  Then we assess your reading and math skills to tailor the instruction to your individual needs.

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